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Hello Kitty July 9, 2010

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P1130120, originally uploaded by kietiekat.

Did I tell you I got this? Its a cover up of a previous tattoo which was tiny by comparison. This one has everything that I love – yarn, Hello Kitty and stars!
Its true what they say though. Tattoos are addictive!


Cool taxi

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photo, originally uploaded by kietiekat.

I hailed a can the other day and look what I found! The whole inside had crocheted doilies with custom plastic covers.


The Happy Poo

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The Happy Poo, originally uploaded by kietiekat.

Its the happy poo!! Made for little Brennan (Aged 3 months) who’s nickname from his mother is assface. Don’t ask!


More knitting

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P1130587, originally uploaded by kietiekat.

Stupid but effective. My Iphone headphones always becomes tangled in my handbag (OK, maybe I need a smaller handbag or less crap!) and so I made these little stockings for them. They are are colourful and don’t get into a mess!


Rainbow blanket

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P1130599, originally uploaded by kietiekat.

Calypso also received a new blanket. Its based on the sock yarn afghan but I used a dk yarn in navy (won’t show dirt-how clever am I!) and a rainbow crochet border with some leftover Peaches and Cream. She totally loves it. Its has become her ‘I’m chewing my bone/ toy/ ball/ your finger’ blankie on the couch.
In the past month, I also picked up a great little book with dog sweater patterns. Since this monkey has hardly any hair, even the aircon is too much for her. So winter is particularly harsh. Her little bumcheeks literally knock together outside! I’ll have to look up the name of the book tonight when I get home. Its one of those great Japanese ones. Laters….


A helping paw

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P1130602, originally uploaded by kietiekat.

Calypso has been helping me knit the 1940’s shawl. Its a hard work shawl. Those little bobbles are a pain in themselves and take sooo long to make. But I am steaming ahead and hopefully will have this done by winter. Why do I keep picking these involved projects???


Knitting goings ons

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P1130609, originally uploaded by kietiekat.

I’ve added a fair bit to my sockyarn afghan though I totally realise that this is going to take FOR EVA! But, that’s the beauty of an ongoing project….its ongoing. So whenever I’m bored with a current project, I pick this up and knit a few diamonds. So row 3 done!